Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
13 June 2008 - Mannum & Murray Princess Cruise
Location map At 2:30 this afternoon we boarded the paddle-steamer Murray Princess for a cruise on the Murray River sailing at 4:30 and heading downriver to stop at Mundarra 26 kilometres from Mannum for the night. The weather was cold and overcast, not quite raining. This section of the Murray, below Weir/Lock 1 at Blanchetown, is one and a half metres below normal level and half a metre below sea-level. The Goolwa Barrage is keeping out the sea. We were among 19 new passengers boarding at Mannum for a three day cruise making the passenger complement about 45 (the other passengers had been on a four day cruise which continued into the three day one we were on. Total capacity is about 120 passengers in 60 cabins.

At 3:00 new passengers gathering in the lounge for a safety briefing. The serious part about putting on life-jackets was deflated by the comment from the First Mate that if the ship was sinking people should gather in the bar since that was so high that it would be above water with the vessel resting on the river bed. We stayed there waiting for the evening meal at 6:30 and watching the world go by. The Sturt Lounge spreads across the front of the vessel at the top deck and is well glazed; the view is spectacular. Although it was dark by the time the meal was served the paddle-steamer has fixed floodlights pointing outward to illuminate the bank. We arrived at Mundarra in the dark and secured to large gum trees on the bank.
Houseboats Houseboats for hire at Mannum.
Water uptake Water uptake at Mannum for the Adelaide pipeline. The concrete pipe on the left is the usual point where water is drawn from the river for the red-brick pumphouse in the background which pumps the water to Adelaide. But the water level in the river is now too low for that uptake to work and the four sloping pipes have been installed, with electric pumps, to pump water up to the "normal" intake.