Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
12 June 2008 - Mannum
Location map The weather all day was threatening rain, and occasionally producing a few small drops. After dark it finally did rain for a few minutes.

We spent the day in Mannum as tourists looking at shops and at the combined Information Centre and paddle-steamer museum. This was the site of a timber dry-dock used during the time of the paddle-wheelers on the Murray River. We also had a look at the pumping station sending water to Adelaide to meet part of that city's water needs.

Later in the afternoon we filled the Territory petrol tank. The woman running the station said that she and her husband own a farm but she has the petrol station job and he works as the handyman at the school because the farm will no longer support them. They grow wheat and barley and used to run sheep until a few years ago but gave them up as too much work; that fits exactly with what I've been reading in the rural newspapers that farmers are giving up sheep for cattle (easier to look after) or crops (easier to grow and better return) or fat lambs (less work).
Mannum shops Mannum shopping street.
Mannum Dry-dock Dry-dock at Mannum was built in 1873 at Milang, on the Murray River, as a floating dock. William Randell bought the dock and installed it at Mannum in 1876. Built of red-gum the dock was not initially a success. In 1880 major repairs were completed and the dock entered a period of productive service until 1927 when PS Marion was the last vessel dry-docked. This was the only dry-dock on the Murray River.
Waterpipe Waterpipe from Mannum to Adelaide.