Travelling Australia - Journal 2008
10-15 February 2008 - Melbourne (Dandenong)
Location map On Sunday 10th February we went shopping in Dandenong Plaza. On Monday we began a series of visits to family and friends which took up the rest of the week. The caravan remained at the Dandenong caravan park for the week. I was able to fit in a visit to the Moorabbin Air Museum while Mary was visiting a school friend.

Beaufighter aircraft Beaufighter at the Moorabbin Air Museum in a diaroma representing this aircraft's role in the Pacific theatre during the Second World War.
Moorabbin Air MuseumInside the museum. The centrepiece is a Mirage III fighter aircraft formerly operated by the RAAF. In the left foreground is the nose of an ex-RAN Sea Venom being restored.