Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
7 July 2008 - Berri - Renmark & rtn (not towing)
Location map We heard long spells of rain on the roof of the van overnight, but we were cosy in bed. The morning was, surprisingly, sunny and clear but cloud soon came over. Later in the morning we drove into Renmark for follow-up shopping after yesterday's visit.

After lunch we drove out to Lock 5 on the Murray River at Paringa hoping for some useful photographs but the lock area was closed to the public for maintenance work so no photographs were possible; nor could I get a good view of the Paringa Bridge on the Sturt Highway over the Murray River. This bridge has a working lifting span.
Black Swans Adult swan with two half-grown cygnets feeding on bottom weed near Paringa Bridge.
Then back to Berri where we bought two folding chairs to replace the ones we bought several years ago and which are deteriorating dangerously - the fabric seats are beginning to tear and sooner or later will tear completely while one of us is sitting in it. Then back to the van for the rest of the day. The cold had eased a little around lunchtime but returned with rain in mid-afternoon.