Travelling Australia - Journal 2008
7 February 2008 - Narrandera
Location map The night had been fairly cool and we ended up with three blankets on by morning which was windy and cool but not raining. After breakfast we set off to have a look at Berembed Weir on the Murrumbidgee River, this is the weir which maintains the water level in the Murrumbidgee high enough for water to be diverted through a side weir into Bundidgerry Creek flowing to Lake Talbot at Narrandera. A weir at the western end of Lake Talbot - near the public swimming pool - feeds water into the Main Irrigation Channel going to Leeton and Griffiths and the surrounding irrigated farms.

To reach the weir we drove along the Newell Highway from Narrandera to Grong Grong where we turned south off the highway towards the Murrumbidgee on a signed bitumen road running south to Bundidgerry Creek. From this T junction the road to the east was dry and dusty gravel showing no sign of the heavy rain at Narranderra yesterday. We soon came to a side road to the right leading through a gate/grid on a gravel road. After crossing several more grids we reached the weir.
Berembed Weir This part of Berembed Weir is controlling the flow of water into the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area via Bundidgerry Creek which is effectively the Main Channel.
Bundidgerry Creek Bundidgerry Creek between Berembed Weir and Narranderra has been widened and deepened to carry all of the water from the Murrumbidgee for the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area
Angus Cattle Angus cattle keeping an eye on us.
Sheep Sheep beside the Newell Highway.
Lake Talbot weir This weir in Lake Talbot controls water flowing into the Main Channel to Leeton and Griffiths.
We returned to Narrandera by the same route stopping for photographs of the creek (which is far wider and deeper than any traditional 'creek' since it carries all of the water for the Murrimbidgee Irrigation Area from Burrinjuck Dam). Arriving in Narrandera we went to the bakery for lunch of a ham and salad sandwich and coffee before heading off to the township of Lockhart which claims fame as the town of verandah shopfronts. The drive there was through nearly flat sheep, cattle and cropping country. The township itself was a little disappointing; the shopping street was indeed lined with verandah posts but most were coloured dark green and merged with background colours. We returned to Narrandera.