Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
6 July 2008 - Berri - Renmark & rtn (not towing)
Location map A fair amount of rain fell on the van overnight. We went to 9:00 o'clock mass in Berri then went to Renmark to the new shopping centre on the edge of town. We were a bit early for many of the smaller shops but Woolworths, Big W and a coffee shop were open. After a long visit to Big W looking at possible additions to the caravan we went into Renmark for a look around. We called in at the Visitor Centre a few minutes before the paddle-steamer Industry left on a tourist trip along the Murray but we chose not to go. Industry entered service in 1911 as a snag boat using a long boom over the bow to lift snags out of the river before they could interfere with river traffic.
PS Industry Paddle Steamer Industry at Renmark.
Pelican Pelican perched in a tree. This large bird in a tree looks unusual; local folklore says that pelicans perching in trees is a sign of imminent flood but nobody is worried this time.
After looking at a little more of Renmark we returned to Berri and I extended our stay by another day. Late in the afternoon half a dozen pelicans were perched in gum trees along the river; such big birds perched in trees looked unusual indeed. Locals said pelicans perched in trees is a sign of impending floods but they didn't seem too worried. The sky had cleared around early afternoon but cloud returned about sunset and light rain fell early in the evening.