Travelling Australia - Journal 2008
6 February 2008 - Narrandera
Location map This morning I went on a tour of the Narrandera Fisheries Centre which was established to study and breed the fish native to the Riverina rivers. While there I watched staff handling Murray Cod that had completed a period as breeding stock; to catch them the large ponds are drained leaving the 70-80 cm long fish floundering in the run-out gutter. Anaestheised fish are removed from the empty lake in a tank of water and their micro-chips scanned to determine identity and history; some are put in tanks to await further breeding work, four had completed their breeding service and would be put back in the river near the Centre. The effects of the anaesthetic wear off quickly and the fish then move off in search of new home waters.

The Fisheries Centre entry building contains aquariums holding the main species of interest to the centre as well as some other freshwater species found in local rivers.
Murray Cod in sorting tank Anaesthetised Murray Cod being sorted after breeding.
Golden Perch Golden Perch in aquarium at the Fisheries Centre. This is one of the four major species studied and bred at the centre.
As I left the fisheries centre it began raining quite heavily and poured for the rest of the morning. My planned activities for the rest of the day involved dirt and gravel roads so I decided to put them off and return to the van to wait for the weather to change.

We drove into Narrandera for fish and chips for lunch. The rain continued into the early afternoon.

The weather cleared in mid-afternoon. I wandered around Narranderra taking some pictures before returning to the van. In the caravan park a group of grey-headed babblers was noisely and vigorously probing and poking into crevices for insects while a single crested pigeon silently and somberely waddled around looking for seeds. The contrast between the two species' behaviour was striking.
Street trees Narrandera is well known for the plane trees shading the street.
Bank building One and two-storey red brick buildings such as this bank in Narrandera's main street are characteristic of the township.