Travelling Australia - Journal 2008
4 February 2008 - Young to Narrandera, via Temora
Location map There was some rain overnight; traffic on the road nearby was light. The rest area was 8 kilometres north of Young along the Olympic Way on the edge of an area of orchards growing cherries, peaches and plums. We passed through Young without stopping and turned off the Olympic Way to go to Temora. Young was at an elevation of 415 metres and the road initially climbed a little to reach 550 metres but more gentle hills lay ahead and 30 kilometres from Young we were on a nearly flat plain at 334 metres elevation. We seem to have left higher foothills of the Great Dividing Range behind and were on the inland slopes gently descending towards the Riverina plains

We arrived in Temora as heavy rain began. After buying petrol we drove out to the Temora Aviation Museum where we parked near the back of the carpark while I spent an hour and a half browsing the aircraft on display, including an Australian-built Sabre being re-conditioned in a separate hangar; this aircraft has been provided by the Air Force on permanent loan with the condition that it is flown by an Air Force pilot during displays. The Temora museum concentrates on flyable aircraft with an Australian connection; it appeared prosperous and very well presented. We drove into Temora for lunch at a bakery; by then the rain had pretty well stopped and did completely stop while we were eating.
Meteor aircraft Meteor aircraft formerly operated by the RAAF but now at Temora Aviation Museum.
Avon Sabre tail section Tail section of an Avon Sabre aircraft being refurbished at Temora Aviation Museum.
From Temora west towards the Newell Highway we were on very gently undulating terrain; not quite onto the western plains but certainly clear of the south-west slopes. The road gently descended from 285 metres at Temora to be 258 metres at the junction with the Newell Highway. There were signs of heavy localised rain with two patches of mud on the bitumen where the road has recently been flooded but the rest of the road was clear without signs of flooding. We also crossed one very swollen creek passing under the road while adjacent creeks were barely flowing. There were a few attractive patches of the Black Box woodland which once extended across this region but have now been mostly cleared. Apostle birds on the road verges indicated we were approaching drier inland regions.

Terrain east of Temora Flatter agricultural land between Young and Temora.
Turning south on the Newell Highway we made our way to Narrandera. Traffic was remarkably light for this main route from Melbourne to Brisbane; we saw a handful of vehicles on the road before we got to Narrandara and the caravan park on the Sturt/Newell Highway to the south of the town.
daily map