Travelling Australia - Journal 2008b
3 July 2008 - nr Morgan to Berri
Location map A very cold night, the morning was clear, no rain and still cold. A small group of cattle, with one goat, were grazing just across the fence from the caravan when we looked outside. As far as could recall we had heard no traffic on the road overnight but we heard vehicles after 7:30 this morning.

The Morgan-Renmark road runs through mallee with an understory of bluebush and saltbush that look pretty faded. Around the turn-off to Lock 2 there were a few cleared paddocks of grain as well as several vinyards and one or two citrus orchards; then the mallee returned. Approaching the Barmera/Berri area there were more cleared areas although the basic vegetation remained saltbush/bluebush.
Mallee Eucalyptus gracilis, also known as Yorell and White Mallee, Widespread and common in mallee scrub across drier parts of southern Australia from New South Wales to Western Australia. Produces good honey and nectar in season. These trees were growing in mallee scrub near Morgan.
Steer and goat One goat was grazing among a small herd of steers, moving around the paddock with them.
Acacia thorns Acacia in this semi-arid environment grow substantial thorns to protect themselves against grazers.
By the time we arrived in Berri the weather was sunny, still no wind, but fairly cool; quite good weather for travelling. We checked in for four nights to the Riverside caravan park planning to leave on Monday. After disconnecting the van we drove into Berri shopping centre for a look around and for lunch. On the way back we passed kangaroos feeding on grass growing between rows of grape vines. By mid afternoon the weather was gloomy, overcast and cold but not raining and there was no wind.
Kangaroo Female kangaroo with joey feeding on grass between rows of vines on the edge of Berri. Grass stalks are sticking out of her mouth after we disturbed her in the middle of a mouthful.
Vines Grapevines in one of the numerous vineyards in the Berry area. These vines have not yet been pruned.
daily map