Travelling Australia - Journal 2008
3 February 2008 - Sofala to Young
Location map The night was very dark and quiet beside the Turon River. In the morning I picked blackberries from a patch near one of the shelters before we headed back along the road to Sofala. South of Sofala the road rises steeply to Wattle Flats at 915 to 940 metres elevation; then, about 15 kilometres from Sofala, descends steeply to about 600-700 metres and continues onto Bathurst (663 metres elevation) a further 29 kilometres away. There is a good view of the lower land with agricultural activity, with horses prominent, from the steep descent. Traffic was very light and the road surface quite good.
Hilly agricultural land Agricultural land from a steep descent in the road between Sofala and Bathurst.
We bought petrol in Bathurst and continued on the Mid Western Highway towards Blayney while the road climbed to more than 1,000 metres. After leaving Blayney we called in at the Blayney Wind Farm viewing area which is quite a long way from the windmills and provides only a general view.
Blayney Windfarm Three of the windmills in the Blayney windfarm.
In Cowra we stopped in a side street near Woolworths for shopping then moved on to the Information Centre which has a large vehicle parking area across the road and a coffee shop and McDonalds adjacent. After lunch at McDonalds we watched an informative holographic presentation on the Cowra wartime breakout of Japanese prisoners of war at the Information Centre. Cowra was well-equipped for visitors with a public dump point near public toilets fairly close to the Information Centre and long vehicle car park.

Leaving Cowra on the Olympic Way we headed for Young still passing though fairly hilly country devoted to sheep. The land flattened a little before we stopped for the night 8 kilometres before Young. After we had stopped the wind came up and a heavy dust squall passed over us. Black thunderstorms passed nearby with only a little rain falling on us.
Orchard near Young Orchard near Young. The Young area is well known for cherries, peaches and plums.
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