Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
31 March 2006 - Echuca to Mulwala

Location map A short travel day from Echuca to Mulwala beside Yarrawonga Weir. 130 kilometres across the flat plains on the Murray Valley Highway. After we left Echuca we passed a couple of paddocks being flood irrigated; water was 5 to 10 centimetres deep at the deepest part along one side and was beginning to flow across the rest of the paddock. The birds, especially ibis, were feasting on grubs and insects forced up out of the ground by the water and hundred of them had gathered. I maintained about 92 kph on the cruise control to keep fuel consumption down and to minimise bouncing by the A'liner on any rough patches. That proves to be a confortable speed.

We turned off the Murray Valley Highway for a few kilometres to stop at the Big Strawberry we had seen advertised in Echuca. As the name implies, this establishment specialises in strawberries, and has a wide range of berry jams. We bought some jam and fresh strawberries and returned to the Murray Valley Highway.

daily map
Arriving on the edge of Yarrawonga we followed signs taking us across the Mulwala weir into Mulwala itself, then used the GPS to find the caravan park. There are quite a few caravan parks and holiday resorts along the edge of the lake indicating its popularity for holiday activities. The wind was uncomfortably cold as the weather of the previous week had changed. No longer were the afternoon temperatures 30 or 35 degrees, with blue skies and no wind; now we were wearing light jackets to be comfortable.