Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
29 September-9 October 2006 - North Haven

Location map North Haven is a seaside village at the mouth of the Camden Haven River about 30 kilometres south of Port Macquarie on the New South Wales coast. North Haven is the end of the road and there is no through traffic; there is a small shopping centre but the area is mainly holiday facilities. Laurieton, on the other side of the Camden Haven River, is the local shopping centre. North Brother Mountain overlooks both population centres. The Pacific Highway, at its nearest point, runs through Kew 11 kilometres inland from Laurieton. North Haven has missed out, so far, on the commercial development so unpleasantly common in NSW coastal villages and remains a relaxing spot. Having larger Laurieton so close across the Camden Haven River probably has something to do with limited development in North Haven which remains a seaside village with a long sandy ocean beach and plenty of good fishing spots along the river.

We spent the days in North Haven with a few visits to Laurieton and one drive inland to Kendal where the train from Sydney passes through and where there is an excellent craft shop on the railway station. On that same trip we visited a macadamia farm a further 13 km inland for a cup of coffee.
North Haven and the mouth of the Camden Haven River from North Brother Mountain.
Bridge across Camdenhaven River between Laureton (on the left) and NorthHaven (across the river on the right).
We had decided to leave the A'liner at North Haven when we returned to Penrith to avoid the difficulty we have had handling the A'liner in the townhouse complex. Leaving the A'liner behind at North Haven meant a fair amount of juggling bits and pieces and preparing the van for storage by re-organising things kept in A'liner and Territory in preparation for the van being left at North Haven when we returned to Penrith . I also bought a new tyre for the spare wheel which was so worn as to be illegal; the new tyre went onto the right side of the A'liner.

Television reception in North Haven was variable in the A'liner and I spent some time juggling leads until I identified one long lead from aerial to van as having an intermittent break. The wall plug in the A'liner was also proven to be a problem. CDMA coverage was at the limit, even voice calls were sometimes broken up because of poor signal. Internet access was not possible from the caravan park. If I moved the laptop into the main part of North Haven then performance improved and e-mail was possible. But data throughput was insufficient for the blog to be updated. The frequency with which an acceptable voice connection via CDMA is not associated with a useful Internet connection has been a great disappointment on this trip.

Weather during our time at North Haven varied from clear, sunny days when the temperature reached the high 20s (occasionally the low 30s) to a few dank days when a little rain fell and the sky remained cloudy all day.

The last day was nearly entirely devoted to packing up the awning and annex and making sure that any item needed at Penrith was in the Territory. The fridge in the A'liner was defrosted.