Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
28 September 2006 - Urunga to North Haven

Location map Last night's rain had gone by morning. Today was a bright, clear day with a moderate temperature. Van and Territory had remained hooked up all night so we were away easily and soon back on the Pacific Highway heading south. Traffic was moderately heavy. There were several lengthy delays at roadworks on the highway and we spent quite some time with the engine off waiting in a queue of vehicles for roadworks traffic lights to change. Any traveller in a hurry on this road would have been very frustrated at the repeated delays of many minutes at a time.

We stopped in Kempsey for a drink, very welcome after the longer than expected trip. The Pacific Highway continued to be variable as a road, sometimes dual carriageway with an excellent surface, more often a standard bitumen single carriageway with occasional passing lanes. I maintained about 88 kph meaning we were passed by most other traffic at every passing lane.

The Pacific Highway passes a few kilometres from Port Macquarie and a few kilometres after passing the roads into Port Macquarie we turned off the Pacific Highway along the Lake Cathie road which took us to the coastal road between Port Macquarie and North Haven. Arriving in North Haven we made our way to the caravan park and put the A'liner on to the selected site. Later in the afternoon we set up the A'liner with awning and annex.
daily map