Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
28 April 2006 - Crossing the Nullarbor - to Norseman

Location map We had a very quiet night in the Ten Mile Rock Rest Area. The trees, mainly salmon gums, were tall enough to provide substantial cover from strong winds and the underlying coarse red sand drained well enough to provide reliable footing for vehicles. There was a single drop toilet which is as basic as a toilet can be - we did not use it as we had our own facilites in the "ensuite" tent. The Eyre Highway was far enough away from our spot for heavy trucks to not be a disturbance.

Leaving the rest area we turned towards Norseman only 79 kilometres away so we were not anticipating a long driving day. Traffic was very light and the weather trying very hard to rain - and succeeding occasionally for a few minutes. We were well and truly in the temperate eucalyptus woodland known as the 'goldfields woodland' which begins at Balladonia and the road was lined with mallee, salmon gums and other eucalyptus species. Arriving at Norseman we went to the only caravan park in town and checked in for one night. After unhooking we drove to various places in town (bank, supermarket and information centre) then went to a cafe for hamburger lunch.
Goldfields Woodland Goldfield woodland around Norseman; bluebush is still present but as understory to eucalypts.
Norseman Camels Corrugated iron camels in Norseman commemorate the role camels have played in the development of the region.
Norseman's economy is based on a gold mine which has been operating profitably for many years but the town is trying very hard to develop tourism based on history (camels and gold mining) and environment (temperate woodland, salt lakes and granite rock formations). I spent most of the afternoon looking at some of their environmental attractions.
daily map