Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
25 March 2006 - Swan Hill to Echuca

Location map This was a short travelling day, about 170 km from Swan Hill to Echuca which we reached at lunchtime. We drove along the Murray Valley Highway with a stop at Kerang for morning tea and a look around. We continue to be surprised at the way people in Swan Hill, Kerang and Echuca pour water onto their gardens and grass. In caravan parks sprinklers are going nearly continually keeping the grass thick and green. There appear to be no practical limitations to water use from the Murray; the contrast with limitations on using water in Sydney are very strong.

The Murray Valley Highway is nearly flat, with long straight stretches; traffic was light and the weather good. After leaving the irrigated stone fruit orchards around Swan Hill we gradually entered the region of irrigated dairy farms around Echuca which extends into Victoria.

The caravan park we had booked into in Echuca had the good news that there was a television aerial outlet on our site so I didn't have to worry about setting up the aerial, the other good news was that we had a secluded, well grassed spot (which was watered daily, except for the bit the A'liner was standing on). The not so good news was that the building across the road which we had ignored when we arrived was a meatworks and smells sometimes wafted across the road.
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