Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
24 March 2006 - Swan Hill  

Location map In the morning we drove a planned tourist route which took us around the outlying parts of Swan Hill through the irrigated stone-fruit orchards; 20 per cent of Australia's nectarines, peaches, plums and apricots are grown around Swan Hill relying on drip irrigation with water from the Murray River and on the extensive hours of sunshine. We continued on to the Nyah/Vinifera red-gum forest lining the Murray River.

In the afternoon the A'liner was invaded by small black ants which climbed up the stabiliser legs, water hose, and anything else touching the ground. I put water into the moat on the feet of the stabiliser legs and that kept them out - provided a blade of grass wasn't bridging the moat. We still had hundreds of ants in the van when we left next day and were finding occasional stowaways for another week.
Salt Lake Water draining from irrigated land around Swan Hill is piped to this storage lake where the surplus salt precipitates.
Nyah Bridge Nyah bridge across the Murray River built to permit river trading vessels to pass underneath