Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
23 May 2006 - Newman to Karijini Nat Pk  

Location map Leaving Newman we turned onto the Great Northern Highway immediately behind two wide loads travelling together at about 90 kph; that was a reasonable speed as far as we were concerned so we stayed a few hundred metres behind their trail escort vehicle. For entertainment we listened to the two truck drivers chatting on the UHF radio, mainly about the performance of their trucks which were giving about one kilometre per litre of diesel fuel used. Following behind them we could see how they completely took up the width of the bitumen, even road trains coming the other way had to get off the road into the gravel. The wide loads eventually pulled off the road to have a break and to allow another wide load coming in the other direction to pass.

Shortly after passing the wide loads we turned off the Great Northern Road onto the access road for Karijini National Park. We went to the visitor centre then continued onto Dales Campground which has bitumen access but is very much bush camping; no showers, no fresh water, no electricity, hole toilets. After we had set up, a very quick process for bush camping, I went to Fortescue Falls then walked along the track at the top of the gorge for a couple of kilometres. The scenery was spectacular with the red cliffs on the sides of the gorge gleaming in the sun. A variety of plants and wildflowers grew along the top of the gorge.
Mt Meharry Mount Meharry (1249 metres high) between Newman and Karijini.
daily map