Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
22-23 April 2006 - Port Augusta

location map The weather was very pleasant for our two-day stay in Port Augusta, especially on the Sunday which was calm and sunny with a blue sky. Port Augusta is Australia's crossroads; from here highways lead north to Darwin, west to Perth, east to Sydney and south to Adelaide (and then via Adelaide to Melbourne). Trains also leave here for Darwin and Perth. The caravan park we use is on the shores of Spencers Gulf which is only a few hundred metres wide with the railway marshalling yard on the other side. From our van we could see very long freight trains being assembled or passing through. Sections of trains being assembled are so long and heavy they are shunted by mainline locomotives coupled in twos. Some long trains passing through (probably bound for Darwin) were hauled by three diesel locomotives coupled together with an additional fuel waggon and an accommodation carriage for the train crew.