Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
21-26 September 2006 - Tamborine

Location map My sister-in-law lives on a five acre farmlet at Tamborine. The property is mostly cleared but several large gum trees remain and colourful flowering plants planted by the previous owner attract birds. Ann puts out bird seed for the seed eaters and some meat late in the afternoon for the meat-eating birds; if she is delayed the butcher birds, kookaburras, ravens and a few magpies gather to remind her it's food time.

The A'liner had to be set up on a gentle slope which used nearly all the levelling blocks we carry in the van and took a while to set-up; but we didn't have any awning or annex since we eat in Ann's house and use the van for sleeping.

For several days during our stay at Tamborine we remained around the house and van enjoying the silence, the trees and the birds. We visited local shopping centres on a few days. Ann organised a barbeque on Saturday for some local friends and cousins of Mary and Ann who live reasonably close. Later in the week we drove to Tyalgum across the border in NSW to visit one of their cousins who owns a tree plantation; the tree they grow is called a paloma which reaches marketable size in ten years and provides a light, strong, white-coloured wood used for cabinet making. After spending many months in the red parts of Australia we are still getting used to the never-ending green of coastal Queensland and northern New South Wales.

The Tamborine/ Mount Tamborine area is part of the semi-rural fringe of Brisbane and has a few small national parks preserving the original rainforest. The North Tamborine area, with the nearest shopping centre, is on the mountain at an elevation of 540 metres, Tamborine is at an elevation of 75 metres so going to the shops is a long drive up the hill. It's close enough to Brisbane to be a popular Sunday drive destination so gets busy at the weekend and on public holidays. The Tamborine area is also close enough to the Gold Coast (about half an hour drive) to reach the large shopping centre there without difficulty.

Mobile phone (CDMA) coverage around Tamborine is enough for a voice call or SMS but inadequate for internet access so the blog could not be updated during our stay.