Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
21 April 2006 - Burra to Port Augusta  

location map The route from Burra to Port Augusta was selected across the southern part of the Flinders Ranges avoiding the steeper parts. First stage was along the Barrier Highway to Hallett which turned out to be the highest part of the day at just over 600 metres elevation. At Hallett we turned west from the Barrier Highway onto secondary roads running to the Princes Highway on the gulf coast. The secondary roads were quite good, passing through several townships; the weather was good for travelling but the wind was cold.

The road initially passes through cropping and sheep country; we passed several merino studs in this well known sheep breeding area. Unlike the flat wheat and sheep areas we had previously driven through this sheep/wheat area is on gently rolling hills. The good sheep and wheat country ended as we began a long descent down to sea level on the western side of the hills; there was light, intermittent rain for a while.

Arriving at the coastal highway just south of Port Pirie we turned north for about 100 kilometres to Port Augusta. Traffic was a little heavier on this major highway but still not heavy. Arriving at Port Augusta we made our way to the Shoreline Caravan Park where we had stayed before. We were assigned the same site as we had used on our previous visit to this pleasant park.
daily map