Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
20-22 May 2006 - Newman

Location map The Newman caravan park is mainly devoted to providing accommodation for people working at the mine, and there is a substantial number of aluminium cabins for them. Tourist vans, such as ours, were not much in evidence. On the first full day at Newman I went driving to see some sights including the Fortescue River which is mainly a dry bed filled with gravel and sand at this time of year. On the way back to Newman I stopped at a feature marked as Gingianna's Pool, this was a long body of tranquil water surrounded by white gums. I spent some time taking photographs.

The weather has been variable, nights tend to be cool, while the days are warmer but not hot; cloud came over during the day and the wind was often strong and gusty enough to cause some concern about the awning we had put up on the A'liner.

In the morning of 22 May I went on a tour of the Mount Whaleback open cut iron ore mine. The tour was mainly spent at two lookouts, one over the open cut and one over the processing area where ore is crushed to the required size and loaded onto rail trucks for the long ride down to the coastal ports. The main activity to be seen is the dump trucks carrying more than 200 tonnes of ore each from the working rock face to the crushers which feed the ore into the processing equipment and finally onto trains. In the afternoon we went to the shopping centre for some food shopping ready for departure tomorrow.

Newman township Part of Newman township.
Newman terrain Terrain around Newman.
Gingianna's Pool Gingianna's Pool near Newman.