Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
19 August 2006 - Batchelor to Darwin

Location map We had 100 kilometres to drive today to Darwin so there was no haste in our departure from Batchelor. The caravan park had not been particularly full last night; this low occupancy during the tourist 'busy' season was a concern to the staff. The road out to the Stuart Highway didn't seem as rough (probably because I was expecting it to be rough and slowed down considerably), then we turned onto the Highway.

The Stuart Highway had a good surface; as we drew closer to Darwin we came upon more frequent, longer, overtaking lanes then the road became a dual carriageway for the last few kilometres into Darwin. Using the GPS and the road map we made our way to the Lee Point caravan park where we selected a grassed camping area near a service point providing water and power. This caravan park only uses regular marked sites in the ensuite area (where each site has a private shower and toilet). We don't use ensuites so were sent to the camping area which was a large grassed area with service points and amenities blocks dotted around. The trick was to find a vacant spot close enough to a service point and in the thickest possible shade from the trees.

After setting up with awning and annex sides to provide shade we went to one of Mary's favourite shopping centres at Casuarina in Darwin's northern suburbs.

The day had been quite hot, especially in the direct sun, but the temperature dropped sharply from about 3:30 in the afternoon. After our experience at Batchelor we expected insect problems at night. The Mortein bug-killer was running in the van and a citronella burner was outside the door under the awning; but we had few bugs and beasties (dead or alive). The night was quite cool compared to the day; at 9 o'clock it was 23 degrees under the awning.

daily map