Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
19 April 2006 - Berri  

location map The morning was spent looking at a few places in and around Berri and the Riverland. Leaving Berri we followed a signed tourist route through several kilometres of grape-vines around Berri until we came to Monash where we stopped at a chocolate shop. We spent some time there before continuing along the Sturt Highway to Barmera; this is a bright and neat place on the shore of Lake Bonney, a large freshwater lake connected via a single entrance and channel with the Murray. We drove around Lake Bonney on the "tourist drive" taking us away from irrigated land and through bluebush and saltbush scrub native to the area, before heading back towards Berri via the village of Glossop where we stopped at the Berri winery cellar door and bought some port and red wine. On the way back to the van we stopped at the factory outlet for Berri juices and bought canned fruit and juice.
Berri pumping station inlet Berri pumping station draws water from the Murray River for irrigation.
pelicans Ever-hopeful Pelicans hanging around a group of fisherpeople hoping for fish scraps.
Houseboat on Murray Houseboats are big business in this part of the Murray where weirs retain water for drier times. This is a modest houseboat compared to some on the river.