Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
18 April 2006 - Robinvale to Berri

Location map Today we covered a reasonable distance - a bit over 200 kilometres to Berri in South Australia. From Robinvale (in Victoria) we had to cross the old bridge into New South Wales and rejoin the Sturt Highway to take us to Mildura (in Victoria). Between Robinvale and Mildura there is mainly mallee scrub which begins giving way to yet more grape-vines about 20 km from Mildura. Having spent some time in Mildura we knew there was a good bakery just off the main avenue through Mildura and stopped there for our morning cup of coffee.

Then away from Mildura towards Renmark in South Australia across the Wimmera wheatlands. For many kilometres, nearly to the South Australian border, wheat stretches away to the horizon in each direction. Then wheat begins again in SA but not for long. We had to stop at the fruit quarantine check at Yamba in SA but were not inspected; we find the various quarantine rules very confusing and get around the confusion by not carrying fruit unless we are sure there will not be check-point. Even then we find the rules imprecise e.g. carrots are ok provided they do not have their tops; onions are regarded as harmless at some checkpoints and forbidden at others.

Approaching Renmark we encountered still more grape-vines as the Sturt Highway went around the town towards Berri. At Berri we made our way to the caravan park and checked in. This park is across the road from the Murray and is the stopping place for flocks (several hundred, possibly more than a thousand) of Little Corellas which skreetch away at sunrise, sunset and at any other time of the day they feel like. They perch high in the gum-trees sometimes making it look as if the tree has blossomed in white flowers. The more sedate pelicans ignore their noisy fellow birds and concentrate on cadging fish pieces from fisherpeople along the Murray. Nothing looks as optimistic as a pelican 'casually' hanging around a fisherman in the hope of a morsel or three.
daily map