Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
15-16 September 2006 - St George

Location map While in St George we drove out to a bird aviary on a sheep and cattle homestead 65 kilometres from St George and at the end of a 14 km dirt road which was more comfortable to drive on than the bitumen highway. The turn-off from the highway was marked on the maps as Boolba but we found only a tennis court there; we could see no buildings from the sign beside the road proclaiming the presence of Boolba. We wonder why the place is marked on maps.

The bird collection wasn't as comprehensive as the advertising claimed but was still quite good. There was a variety of parrots and cockatoos in cages and we wandered along the cages looking at the birds. Driving back to the bitumen I had to watch for grazing sheep; adults were not a problem but lambs separated from their mothers would run straight to mum when they saw us coming even if that meant running across the road in front of the approaching vehicle.

Once back on the bitumen we stopped for a break on the side of the road and left the rear window open for a while. As we were about to move on a sedan going the other way turned back then stopped to ask whether the television camera in the back of the Territory was a police speed camera. He had passed us at 120 kph and would worry for weeks that a speeding ticket was on the way so he had turned back to check. Ironically, we did pass a hidden police car a few kilometres before reaching St George; he may have been caught anyway if he passed that car at 120 kph.
Friar bird feasting on bottlebrush flowers in St George.
We saw five emus and four wallabies. Two wallabies bounded out of the bush about two hundred metres ahead of us then stopped on the road to look at us; probably they heard our kangaroo whistle which is supposed to scare them away but this was counter-productive now because they had stopped on the road in front of us. Before we got up to them the wallabies bounded off doing whatever they were doing before they heard us.