Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
15 March 2006 - Adelaide to Port Elliot

Location map We experienced a cool morning after a fairly cool night; but the day was bright and the weather promised to be good. The annex and awning had been packed away the previous afternoon so we had a relaxed pack-up, especially as we were only going about 70 kilometres for the day. Leaving Adelaide was straight forward since we were already on the southern side of the metropolitan area and had travelled along some of the way when we visited McLaren Vale. Traffic was moderately heavy initially but then dwindled as we left Adelaide behind.

The road climbed up quite a long, steep hill to reach an elevation of 368 metres. The Territory handled the hill well in Performance mode (selected throughout this trip because of the hilly terrain).

The road runs thorugh an area known as the Fleurieu Peninsula. The name Fleurieu was assigned by the French explorer, Nicholas Baudin, after the French minister for marine, Compte Charles Pierre Claret de Fleurieu, but fell into disuse until 1911 when a nephew of Fleurieu encouraged the Surveyor General to adopt names given by French explorers to places that did not have other names. The area we passed through today was devoted to mixed agriculture. We saw or passed signs indicating grape vines, olive trees, alpacas, cattle, a few sheep. Olive trees appear to becoming an industry in parallel with grape vines. We had seen olive oil on sale in the McLaren Vale Information centre/Winery but we also saw quite extensive areas devoted to olive trees today.

Arriving at Port Elliot caravan park we checked in for the week previously booked and were directed to site 90 which was a grassed site; we didn't see any concrete slabs in this large (more than 200 sites) park.
daily map