Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
15-17 April 2006 - Robinvale  

Location map This Easter weekend was spent in Robinvale on the Murray River. This is very much an irrigated grape growing area with some citrus as well. They have a good stretch of water-skiing water behind the weir in the Murray River and this attracts many visitors with boats on a long weekend such as Easter. Otherwise Robinvale really doesn't care much about tourists and it was quite hard to find out anything about the place. It is also remarkable for the bridge on the Murray Valley Highway across the Murray River; this is a single lane, timber bridge where the bitumen layer over the timber decking has come away in sections leaving bolt heads protruding; very ordinary for a main road. The good news is that the replacement bridge and causeway is under construction alongside the old bridge. Presumably maintenance on the old bridge has ceased since the new one will be ready soon.

The rain we arrived in cleared away and the days in Robinvale have been bright, sunny and cool; nights have ranged from cool to cold (three degrees minimum overnight).

On 16 April we went for a drive around Robinvale's environs; a vast number of grapevines stretched over the gentle hills to the south west of the town. The Robinvale area is renowned for table grapes as well as sultana and wine grapes. On our short drive to the edge of the closely settled area we saw row upon row of grapes and one citrus orchard. Then we drove across the dilapidated, narrow bridge to Euston but there was even less going on there than in Robinvale - grape vines in row after row.

On the last day in Robinvale (Easter Monday) we just about had the caravan park to ourselves as all the Easter visitors left to return home. Rain in the evening washed most of the red dust off the car.
Murray River at Robinvale Murray River at Robinvale.
pelicans Water flowing over Weir 15 at Robinvale. This water has been released from the Hume and Mulwalla to maintain the level in the Murray so irrigators can pump water from the river. Water releases from Mulwalla and the Hume include an agreed volume of water to be diverted to South Australia for urban use.
Vinyards at Euston Vinyards at Euston across the Murray River from Robinvale.