Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
13 May 2006 - Albany to Perth  

Location map The Albany Highway to Perth initially runs through pasture and eucalyptus (mostly Tasmanian Blue Gum) tree farms. As we moved inland into drier country there was less green grass but many more sheep grazing and about a hundred kilometres from Albany we passed a woolshed confirming our entry into serious sheep country; we passed more woolsheds and many sheep after that. Kojonup, 150 kilometres from Albany, has a replica of a 19th century horse-drawn dray complete with wool bales in the main street as a reminder of the importance of wool to that township.

Traffic on the highway was mainly sedans, most of them going towards Perth; a number were driven badly and passing dangerously. We had the satisfaction of seeing one sedan which tore past us being interviewed by a traffic policeman further along the road.

Kojonup was at 317 metres elevation and the road stayed at roughly 300 metres (but still with ups and downs) until we began a long descent into Armadale on the edge of Perth. The sheep country had been replaced by native woodland well before this descent. Trees were mainly ironbarks with cypress and a few larger stringybarks.
Wool dray replica Replica wool dray at Kojonup commemorating the importance of wool in the area's development
The distance from Albany to Perth was just over 400 kilometres; a bit too far to cover comfortably on a full tank of fuel. Thanks to FuelWatch I knew the price of petrol in Perth and was able to compare that price with any we saw along the way; not surprisingly, no small rural service station was cheaper than Perth so I transferred 20 litre from a drum to give us enough petrol to comfortably reach the caravan park in Perth.

Traffic in the Perth area was not particularly heavy on a Saturday afternoon as I followed the map and GPS around the eastern side of Perth to the caravan park near Guildford in the Swan Valley. The forecast temperature for Perth was 30 degrees but it didn't seem that warm, although it was definitely warmer than Albany had been.
Daily Map