Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
13-14 August 2006 - Timber Creek

Location map At Timber Creek we were parked against the side fence under a row of large, spreading trees providing dense shade. We didn't need the awning since shade from the trees kept the van comfortably cool. At the back of the park is a deep (3 metres) creek of very clear water with a variety of tropical trees, some with brilliant flowers attracting honeyeaters, lining the banks and in the undergrowth on the other side. Pandanus palms were fairly common here where water is available. The park runs a crocodile feeding show in the evening; for this small body of water a surprising number of crocodiles turned up at feeding time. Even before the show there was one waiting, quietly floating with its nose and a few ridges on its back above the surface; and at least three more turned up soon afterwards. They may have been the "harmless" freshwater species but they still provided a display of teeth when pieces of chicken were thrown to them.

We spent most of the day around the van. Mary watched her weekend AFL on television (Timber Creek has three good channels) and I worked on the journal and updated the blog since mobile coverage was also quite good. For a while we had F-111 bombers using the Bradshaw training area across the Victoria River from Timber Creek; I didn't hear any bombs but we certainly heard the aircraft. It was odd hearing the repeated noise of jet aircraft in a place which was otherwise so remote.
Well developed boab tree in the Timber Creek caravan park. Timber creek is the eastern limit along the Victoria Highway for the boab. They are readily seen west of the township but cannot be found along the road to the east.