Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
12 September 2006 - Emerald to Springsure

Location map Today was a short distance of 70 km to Springsure; mostly flat country until near Sprinsgure. From Emerald to Springsure we were briefly out of Queensland's extensive inland pastoral area and into a mainly grain growing area; we passed paddocks of grain and railway sidings with silos - a sure sign of grain growing. In Springsure a very large silo dominated the township.

Springsure council has done a lot of work to attract tourists and has published several self-drive tourist routes around the town. After lunch we set off on one of these with a couple of lookouts in Minerva National park as first destination. The road for the last five to eight kilometres to each lookout was poor and we moved very slowly; when we got there the lookouts weren't particularly good anyway. By the time we got back to the bitumen it was too late in the afternoon to continue with the tour so we returned to the van.
The apostle bird's powerful beak is useful when foraging in leaves and grass.
The dust in the national park had been a coffee brown colour - a change from red dust elsewhere in Australia. The dust deflector on the Territory stops dust settling around the top of the rear door but dust still settles inside the bottom of the door waiting to fall on the unsuspecting user next time the door is lifted up.
daily map