Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
12 August 2006 - Kununurra to Timber Creek

Location map Leaving Kununurra on the Victoria Highway we soon reached the border with the Northern Territory. Going from Western Australia involved no hassles, we didn't even stop. Traffic going the other way, into Western Australia, has to undergo a rigorous quarantine check to make sure nothing is being carried which may put the state's agricultural industries at risk. Additional checks have recently been added to stop cane toads crossing the border from the Northern Territory. The outcome of Western Australia's attempts to stop cane toads spreading into that state will be interesting.

We passed through open woodland with grass understory and occasional outcrops of rock; some watercourses had water remaining in them, others were very dry. Kapok trees with yellow flowers were common in patches, sometimes well back from the road. The road climbed a little from Kununurra, to elevations between 80 and 130 metres, then descended to 25 to 29 metres in the very wide floodplain of the Victoria River system. The area was mainly pastoral leases and we saw quite a few Brahmin cattle grazing.

At Timber Creek (official population about 500) we set up the A'liner then went on an afternoon boat trip down the Victoria River to look for crocodiles and watch the sunset. We saw only six crocodiles (on the same trip in 2004 we saw more than 29 crocodiles) so the trip couldn't be called successful.
Estuarine crocodile in the Victoria River. If the animal was hunting the body would be even lower in the water with less showing above the surface.
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