Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
10 October 2006 - North Haven to Penrith

Location map Packing up this morning was complicated by the need to prepare the A'liner for storage before it was parked in the storage area in the Beachfront Caravan Park with locks on the towball and wheels. Then we set off for Penrith.

Driving along the Pacific Highway without the A'liner was quite different to our normal way of travelling. Now we were able to travel just below the speed limit instead of at a top speed of 88 kph; we actually passed a few other cars. Despite the higher speed, fuel consumption was so much lower without the A'liner that we had plenty of petrol and did not need to refuel at all after leaving North Haven with a full tank.

After a very uneventful trip we arrived at Penrith and our 2006 trip around Australia had come to an end. The plan had been to concentrate on the Pilbarra and Kimberley for this trip and we had achieved that goal. We had also seen more of other parts of Australia - but there is still plenty to see in future travels.
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