Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
10 July 2006 - Port Smith to Broome

Location map We drove out of Port Smith caravan park at 9:15 on a warm, sunny morning. The red dirt road out to the highway had been graded in the last few days and was in reasonable condition; we reached the Northern Highway in good time then continued towards Broome. Traffic was light including a number of caravans going in the opposite direction and a handful going north.

Knowing how scarce caravan sites were in Broome we had booked in to the Broome Caravan Park in January 2006 There was a queue of vans waiting to get in and another queue of people in the office waiting to book in; the park looked pretty full and we were glad we had booked. We had a site with a large concrete slab against the outside fence so we had nobody behind us. I backed in avoiding the overhanging tree and we set up with the awning and annex ends (for shade and privacy); we didn't put down our rubber mats but will try using the concrete slab. Television reception was quite good with ABC, SBS, TEN, GWN and Imparja.

In the afternoon we drove into Broome for shopping. The shopping centre is fairly small with one street devoted to pearl sellers and the main street has a large number of tour operators and Internet cafes. Despite the doom reports on television about major increases in prices, petrol at the Coles Express station was 153.9 before the 4 cents discount.
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