Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
9 September 2006 - Longreach to Barcaldine

Location map Longreach to Barcaldine was quite a short trip, just over 100 kilometres. The land was slightly undulating, mainly grass with some scattered timber and woodland areas. The land is not as open and treeless as between Longreach and Winton but the black-grey cracking clay of the Mitchell Grass plains is still very much in evidence. There was a surprising number of road kill carcasses on and beside the road. At one point we counted eleven carcasses in a stretch of half a kilometre, those that could be identified were kangaroos. Other parts of the road had nearly as many roadkill carcasses. Sometimes the carcasse was a pig, sometimes a few large birds, possibly a cat, but the majority were kangaroos and wallabies.
Scattered acacia woodland common between Longreach and Barcaldine.
The road from Longreach to Barcaldine was of average quality, weather was bright and sunny. Traffic was moderate with a number of cattle road trains; those going in the opposite direction were empty; one cattle road train going in our direction was carrying cattle. From comments heard on ABC radio the Roma cattleyards may be the destination and source for these cattle transports; we have heard of cattle being trucked from Boulia and even from as far as Alice Springs to the Roma sales.

Barcaldine relies on bore water which is not treated (but regularly tested) and freely available; there is a slight sulphurous smell and the 'cold' water may be a bit warm. Washing cars and caravans, provided the washing was done on the grass, was not a problem at this caravan park.
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