Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
8 March 2006 - Berri to Adelaide  

Location map For the second night in a row we had insufficient blankets readily to hand and were not comfortably warm in the morning. The morning promised to be bright and clear once the sun came fully up; because of the time change (clocks half an hour back from New South Wales time) we seemed to be up earlier than usual. The van had remained hitched to the Territory so we were away with minimum fuss and on the road through Berri and onto the Old Sturt Highway until it joined the Sturt Highway.

Numerous grape vines grew on both sides of the road around settled areas from Berri to Blanchtown. Areas further back from the river and away from towns and villages were devoted to wheat stretching away into the distance. After leaving Blanchetown, where we crossed the River Murray for the last time before the road climbed out of the river valley, the road entered mallee and some saltbush; no wheat and no vines for a while. This area between the eastern side of the Lofty Ranges and the Murray River has a rainfall of 300 to 400 mm a year.After 30 kilometres of mallee, saltbush and grass the road entered higher rainfall (400 to 600 mm per year) where there was wheat on gently rolling hills; the road ascended to reach 340 metres elevation at Truro in the Lofty Ranges where we stopped for lunch. Leaving Truro we were still passing through wheat and some sheep until, 6 kilometres from Truro, we came to the edge of the Barossa Valley and grape vines again dominated the landscape.

The road surface was generally fairly good with the occasional bumpy patches. Traffic in the opposite direction was dominated by big transports; semi-trailers and B-doubles. They were often travelling in convoys of three to seven vehicles which would have been very hard to pass for vehicles going in the opposite direction. Although the road was not duplicated, there was a useful number of passing lanes on the Sturt Highway between Blanchetown and Adelaide.

Entering Adelaide from the north east we needed to make our way to the A13 to take us past the central part of Adelaide out to the caravan park in Marion where we had booked for a week stay. The journey along the A13 was tedious in moderately heavy traffic as we followed progress on GPS and map.

Murray River Murray River north of Blanchetown bridge on the Sturt Highway.
Orange cliffs Cliffs on the western side of the Murray at Blanchetown Bridge.
Blanchetown Bridge Sturt Highway bridge over the Murray River near Blanchetown
Lock Number One The tourist paddle-steamer Murray Princess in Lock One at Blanchetown.
daily map