Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
6 September 2006 - Winton to Longreach

Location map Today was a short trip to Longreach about 180 kilometres away. Weather was good for travelling, but a bit warm for walking; the road started off quite good but deteriorated for a stretch about 30 km north of Longreach. There was remarkably little traffic on the road; it appears that the tourist season is ending as the weather warms up.

The Landsborough Highway crosses black clay Mitchell Grass Downs between Winton and Longreach which is nearly entirely devoted to cattle grazing (but we did see one sheep) For the first part of the trip from Winton we could see higher plateaux of Bladensburg National Park away to the west. This national park is intended to preserve the infertile and poorly drained red lateritic uplands which have a specialised flora and fauna.
Two apostle birds balancing on a mud nest in a tree in Winton caravan park looked unusual; we don't know if this is normal conduct.
After setting up in Longreach we drove into the shops for lunch pasties then looked at a few other shops before returning to the van. The afternoon was hot (35 degrees) with a very slight breeze, but the temperature dropped after sunset.
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