Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
4 September 2006 - Boulia

Location map A hot night with minimum recorded temperature of 19 was a bit warmer than we had experienced in the last few days. But it wasn't humid and sleep was quite possible.

Boulia is a small township containing the Shire Offices. The shire has done a lot of effective work in presenting Boulia as a tourist attraction, including looking after the appearance of the town. The central plantation in the main street is well-maintained and regularly watered judging by green lawn and neat edging. An information centre in the main street outlines the story of the Min Min light which appears near Boulia and has not been explained.

After lunch I photographed brolgas feeding along the river bed and waterhole. These brolgas lived on the edge of town and were used to humans being around them so I was able to get reasonably close in the car and on foot. They didn't take fright when I got out of the car but did keep their distance. We saw the brolgas while we were on our way to the museum area which includes a display of fossils found near Boulia. Much of central Queensland was sea bed millions of years ago and marine fossils are commonly found; those at Boulia were well presented.
Fossil sea creature in the Stonehouse museum, Boulia
Brolgas beside the Burke River waterhole
Crested pigeons are so often seen in caravan parks that they could well become the Australian caravan park mascot. These are in Boulia caravan park.
In the afternoon I filled the Territory petrol tank at the Shell Roadhouse in Boulia at 138.9 cents per litre for unleaded. That price was a very pleasant surprise for a place which has a single service station and is far from anywhere (Mt Isa is 300 km north, Winton is 360 km to the east, Alice Springs is about 800 km west, and the road south leads to Birdsville).

We were invaded by bugs after sunset. The Mortein vapour killed them eventually but that took an hour or so.