Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
3 June 2006 - Dampier to Point Samson

Location map Today was a short trip (less than 100 kilometres) to Point Samson so departure was not rushed. We drove out of the park just before 10 o'clock and took the road towards Karratha through the salt works. Once again we noted how the salt pans which were partly full of salt crystals on our previous visit to Karratha have water in them left from the recent cyclones. These pans beside the road do not yield high quality salt because of road dirt but the salt from them is suitable for spreading on icy roads in the Northern Hemisphere so it has some commercial value; but now it's all under rainwater.

We avoided Karratha by using the heavy vehicle access to the North West Coastal Highway and turned left on that towards Roebourne. The terrain was flat with very low vegetation, scrub and some grasses. Traffic was surprisingly heavy with several sedans going both ways on the highway. Weather was mild with a fair bit of sunshine but some high cloud. The wind was blustery.

At Roebourne we turned off the Highway along the access road to Wickham, Cossack and Point Samson. These are three very different places. Cossack is an abandoned pearl fishing port where a few stone buildings have survived; Wickham is a modern, company town built to house workers at nearby Cape Lambert iron ore port; Point Samson is a fishing / holiday / retirement village. This was our destination.

The caravan park was brand new, with the official opening planned for the next day. Sites were large concrete slabs with pleasantly wide access roads, and the amenities block was still shiney and new. Unfortunately the trees were only 25 cm high and didn't give much shade. After we set up, without the awning, we had the sun full on to the side of the A'liner; the van's insulation did well to keep the heat out.

Daily map