Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
2 April 2006 - Mulwala to Albury

Location map Another short day's travel from Mulwala to Albury. Leaving Mulwala we stayed on the New South Wales side of the Murray River avoiding the Murray Valley Highway. The road was quite good and traffic almost non-existent. The route skirted the northern edge of Lake Mulwala and we passed many pretty spots along the water's edge. Much of the other traffic we did see was fisherpeople with their tin dinghies.

Trees were now mainly ironbark away from watercourses where river red gums were still common. More trees were evident in paddocks and along their margins. We were now away from flood irrigated paddocks; irrigation was by spray watering. Sheep were common and there was some cropping. The ground gradually became hillier as we approached Albury.

daily map
After settling in to the caravan park in Albury we drove around the streets of Albury and Wodonga, being a Sunday afternoon both places were fairly quiet. By mid afternoon the weather was quite pleasant but the temperature dropped as the day drew to an end.