Travelling Australia - Journal 2006
1-2 September 2006 - Mt Isa

Location map A quiet couple of days in Mt Isa. Overnight temperatures were down to 15 and 19 degrees; much more comfortable than Darwin. Days were bright and sunny; temperatures reaching 31 in the afternoon.

Mt Isa is quite a large place but the shopping facilities are surprisingly limited. The roads were quite poor. We did a bit of shopping and I filled the Territory petrol tank at 128.9 cents a litre discounted at Coles. That made more than 180 cents a litre at Barkly hard to understand.

Mt Isa exists to operate the mine which overlooks the town. Tours of the mine area are available and an underground mine has been built to show tourists how the mine functions. We went to both on a previous visit to Mt Isa and found them excellent value but didn't wish to go again. There is also a comprehensive display of fossils found at Riversleigh but we've seen that.

I updated the entries for the blog but was unable to upload the entries, the BigPond Wireless connection was so slow that, although e-mail was being passed, blog usage timed out.