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Cawnpore Lookout, Qld.
22° 38' 19"S  141° 08' 47"E.
Cawnpore Lookout Cawnpore lookout.
Cawnpore lookout is on the Kennedy Developmental Road between Boulia and Winton about 151 kilometres from Boulia (on the right hand side driving from Boulia).

Boulia Road from Cawnpore Lookout
Boulia Road from Cawnpore Lookout
Boulia Road from Cawnpore Lookout
Mitchell Grass Downs from Cawnpore Lookout
Cawnpore Lookout - page 2
There are two levels to this lookout. The lower level is a small parking area beside a small sun shelter on the top of a low, steep hill beside the road. A campervan, or vehicle towing a camping trailer or small caravan may be able to get up the hill to the lower lookout. Drivers of large motorhomes or vehicles towing a larger caravan will probably take one look at the hill and decide to park at the bottom. It is not far to walk up the hill but it is a steep climb. Views from this level are impressive but the best views are from the higher level.

A narrow track from the small shelter goes a short distance to the top of a nearby mesa formation and a short scramble up rocks gains access to the top of the mesa with superb views. The track is barely formed in several parts and moderate agility is required to reach the top.

Photographs below were taken in different directions from the upper rock platform.

from Cawnpore Lookout The road east of Cawnpore Lookout heading towards Winton.
from Cawnpore Lookout Nearby mesa formation.
Cawnpore Lookout - page 3
from Cawnpore Lookout
from Cawnpore Lookout