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  Printing Guide - Fact Sheets

This application prints fact sheets on A4 pages with a suitable header.

Text relating only to the screen display is not printed.

Best printed output is obtained if the following printer setting are adopted:

   1.  Paper size - A4 210 x 297 mm.
   2.  Portrait.
   3.  Shrink-to-Fit Enabled.
   4.  Margin top = 15 mm.
   5.  Margin bottom = 20 mm.
   6.  Headers and footers empty.
   7.  Margins left and right. - see below

Printer margins need to be selected differently depending on whether the printed sheets are to be punched along the left margin for storage or whether the entire sheet will be put inside a transparent envelope for easy reference. In the first case a wider left margin looks better while in the second case the left and right margins should be equal in width.
For a wider left margin set left margin = 30 mm, right margin = 12 mm.
For equal left and right margins set left margin = 21 mm, right margin = 21 mm.