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Historic House in Thargomindah Bourke Parrot Old artesian bore Main street of Thargomindah
Bulloo River flats at Thargomindah Bulloo River White-necked Heron Yapunyah - E. ocrophloia
Emu Bore drain Bore in use Thargomindah residences
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Thargomindah is a township of 203 population (2006 census) on the Bulloo River; it is headquarters for Bulloo Shire. Location is 28° 00'S, 143° 49'E, elevation 131 metres. Average annual rainfall is 285 mm but with extreme variability (625 mm total in 2000 and 63 mm total in 2002). The region was initially settled by cattle graziers and cattle and sheep remain the traditional industries but petroleum, oil and gas are now important items in the Shire's economy. Thargomindah relies on mineralised bore water; the original bore, sunk in 1891-93, was used to generate hydro-electricity for street lighting. Diesel generators are used now.