Travelling Australia
Savannahlander Train
at Mt Surprise station
At Mt Surprise Station
Lava wall
Lava Wall
Road bridge
Junction Creek
Road near Mt Surprise
Road Near Mt Surprise
Einasleigh hotel
Einasleigh Hotel
Copperfield Gorge
Copperfield Gorge
Train stopped at crossing
Train Stopped at Crossing
Flowing Creek
Flowing Creek
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The Savannahlander train begins its journey in Cairns with Forsyth at the end of the line as its destination. We boarded at Mt Surprise for the section to Einasleigh. The line was built between 1908 and 1910/11 as a private line carrying copper ore from mines in the Forsyth/Einasleigh region to smelters at Chillagoe. The mines and smelter have long since closed and the line (known as Etheridge Railway) has ended up as part of the Queensland Rail network used for tourist traffic. The narrow-gauge line was built using steel sleepers laid directly on the ground without ballast - the same technique used for the Gulflander line between Normanton and Croydon.