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Pilliga Reserve
Emu crossing road Pilliga Pottery Axe heads at Sculptures in the Scrub Cave at the Sandstone Caves
Walking track at Sandstone Caves Salt Cave Sandy road throughthe scrub Sculptures in the Scrub
Newell Highway Pilliga creek crossing Stone axe sharpening grooves Bronzewing on road
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  The Pilliga Reserve is an area of about 3,000 square kilometres lying between Coonabarabran, Piliga, Baradine, Narrabri, Baradine, Boggabri and Baan Bra in northern New South Wales. The area, recognised as the largest continuous remnant of semi-arid woodland in temperate New South Wales, comprises many kilometres of thickly vegetated undulating hills interspersed with sandstone outcrops. Vegetation is varied; some areas are dominated by cypress while other areas are eucalyptus forest. Logging was a major economic activity until much State Forest was converted into Reserve and timber-getting ceased. A network of sandy roads, many formed for timber-getting, remain usable in dry weather. The Reserve is being developed by the NPWS in conjunction with local indigenous people.