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Rolls of hay Water tower in Narrabri Nandewar Range near Narrabri Silos for on-farm use
Australia Radio Telescope Narrabri silos Main street shops in Narrabri Bank buildings
Silo profile at Narrabri Former hotel now shops Namoi River Deisel locomotive
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  Narrabri, founded in 1860, is on the New South Wales North West Slopes at the junction of the Kamilaroi and Newell Highways at 30° 19'S 149° 47'E; elevation 213 metres. Annual rainfall is 657 millimetres, heaviest rain is from November to February. Population is 6,102 (2006 census). Narrabri is on the Namoi River but several anabranches hold most of the water at the town site; the formally named river bed is so dry that much of it is regularly mowed. The North West Railway passes through the town and there is a daily passenger service with Sydney; the line is heavily used for grain in season. Narrabri is the centre of a prosperous cotton growing area on the Namoi Floodplain which also grows wheat, oilseed, sorghum and raises beef and sheep on irrigated and dry-land farms. Flat land around the river is interrupted by rock outcrops and ranges including nearby Nandewar Range. The Pilliga Scrub stretches from Narrabri south-west to Coonabarabran.