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Beach and ramp
Karumba beach
Trawler on trailer
Trawler on trailer
Osprey nest
Osprey Nest
Runabout in the river
Trawler at Karumba
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Karumba was established in the 1880s at the mouth of the Norman River as a port for trading vessels unable to negotiate the shallows of the Norman River to Normanton. The early name of KImberley was changed to Kurumba in the early 1900s. The townshipshared in theprosperity surrounding the Croydon Gold Rush and declined after 1913 as Croydon's gold output faded. The present Kurumba (population 518 in the 2007 census) is the only township along the southern shore of the Gulf of Carpentaria. Karumba, and especially nearby Karumba Point right at the mouth of the Norman River, is primarily a commercial (prawn trawling) and recreational fishing centre. Concentrate from the Century Zinc Mine near Lawn Hill is piped to Karumba to be loaded on the barge Wunma and carried out to ocean-going vessels waiting in the Gulf.