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Flinders Ranges
Cliffs Grass Tree Emu Solar Panels
Mining Village Eastern Grey Kangaroo Cypress covered land Wedge tailed eagle
Sheep River Red Gum Kanyaka Station Wallaroo
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  The Flinders Ranges are a discontinuous mountain range in South Australia extending for over 430 kilometres north from Port Pirie. The ranges were formed from a very thick layer of sediment which was folded and faulted about 540 million years ago into a large mountain range then eroded into relatively low ranges. The best known feature of the Flinders Ranges is Wilpena Pound, a large natural ampitheatre covering nearly 80 square kilometres. The ranges have a semi-arid climate. European activity, begun in the mid 1800's, has involved mining, agriculture and grazing; main activities now are tourism and grazing with some mining nearby.