Travelling Australia
Cable Beach Johnny Chi lane Japanese cemetery in Broome Japanese cemetery in Broome
Broome's corrugated iron architecture Broome's corrugated iron architecture Sunset from Cable Beach Riding camel at Cable Beach
Pearling lugger Sam Male Founder of the cultured pearl industry Cliffs near Gantheaume Point Gantheaume Point light
Town beach Hard hat diving helmet Cable House Osprey
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   Broome, WA - Part Two 
Hovercraft stopped on beach near dinosaur footprints White ibis feeding near Town Beach Eastern Reef Egret Hovercraft on beach near the Port of Broome
Blue-spotted mudskipper Turtle picked up on Roebuck Bay sandflats Dinosaur footprint Estuarine crocodile
Freshwater crocodile with narrower snout Baby estuarine crocodile Sandstone with a residue of overlying pindan Grey-headed babbler
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